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I will create spotify campaigns to promote your music using facebook and instagram ads

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Service Description

Running a Spotify campaign with Facebook + Instagram ads was one of the most frustrating concepts I learned over the past few years. Let me save you headache and heartbreak I’ve had to deal with from what I can offer:

  • -Strategic planning on how to reach your core target audience that resonates the most with you, your brand and genre specifically
  • -Consistent daily growth on Spotify with statistics from the start + end of the campaign
  • -Utilizing methods that will get the lowest cost per conversion so you can get the most out of your budget!

Does this include ad spend?

This does not include your monthly ad spend budget. The fee for an ad campaign and/or ads manager set up is separate from what you will be putting in to your ads. Campaigns aren't free and I can't pay for them myself.

This is due to a lot of different factors. If you've never set up a Facebook ads manager properly, I have to do it all from scratch. This includes business manager, ad account, facebook pixel, landing page with pixel etc. It's an essential process that's very time consuming.

Facebook + Instagram relies on the pixel needing at least 50 conversions to fire off in the first week to start learning who to show your ad off to. After a week, you should start see your stream count and monthly listeners increase day by day!

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