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Digital Marketer
November 13, 1990
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About Freelancer

I’m a certified social media manager and marketer and I represent a team who will engage and commit in delivering the best results possible. We can setup and increase organic involvement in your slice of the Social Media World. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn are my specialties. Also we aim to give you the best experience by posting 100% original content, working efficiently and giving custom support to any of my clients.


Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

I commenced my academic journey by earning a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. This foundational education provided me with a strong business background.

Digital Marketing Certification
SproutsDigital Abuja

To stay ahead in the dynamic field of digital marketing, I pursued a specialized certification from SproutsDigital in Abuja. This program covered various aspects of digital marketing, including social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and online advertising.

Master's in Marketing Management
University of Ibadan

Building on my undergraduate studies, I pursued a Master's in Marketing Management from the University of Ibadan. This advanced degree honed my strategic marketing skills and deepened my understanding of consumer behavior in the digital age.

Work & Experience

2021 - Present Social Media Manager
OakVile Street Television

Led the digital marketing efforts OakVile Street Television. Implemented successful email marketing campaigns resulting in a 30% increase in customer engagement. Utilized SEO techniques to improve the platform's search rankings, contributing to a 20% growth in online sales. Coordinated social media influencers for brand collaborations.

2018 - 2021 Digital Marketing Specialist
WoodStuffs Furnitures

Developed and executed comprehensive digital marketing strategies WoodStuffs Furnitures. Increased online visibility and brand awareness through targeted social media campaigns, resulting in a 25% growth in website traffic. Managed Google Ads campaigns, optimizing keywords and ad creatives for maximum ROI.


2022 Social Media Creator of the Year
Acknowledged as the Social Media Creator of the Year at OaksVile Street Television. Recognized for leveraging social media platforms to effectively promote brands and engage audiences. Demonstrated creativity, authenticity, and impact in the influencer marketing space.


Digital Marketing Strategy
Social Media Management
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)